The End of the Road


Wow! It’s crazy that this is the last school related post to my blog. Overall it’s been an awesome experience not only creating my blog but watching my fellow classmates develop theirs as well. I feel like we made a community out of this project and I hope that the blogs I follow continue to post after this!

I hope to keep working on this blog over a period of time when I have breaks since make-up is something I’m sure passionate about. That being said I feel like social media and word of mouth are some of the strongest tools of our time. So if you come across anyone needing make-up or tips or even just help on this class in the future, please feel free to roam around my blog. While the future success of my blog depends on my output the community is a big help as well. Throughout this class we’ve talked about the development of internet communities and how people rally behind certain people, fads, etc., and causes them to be noticed. I feel like the students of this class are that small community right now. But if we look around, many others have taken this class too, which is another community. Our topics also have outside interest, which is another community. So that being said if we look around the amount of communities that we can/are apart of is a lot bigger than we can expect. I hope to see some old and new faces as I continue this blog past class and its been an awesome experience.

I hope all my fellow classmates have a great end of the semester and here’s to 2015 a year of possibilities!

Thanks for everything!!  – Melissa



Go Animate!


Above is my link for the project! I chose to use a scene from the Christmas movie Elf since I think it’s finally the season. It’s the scene in the movie where Buddy gets mistaken as an elf employee at the store while exploring New York City. Since there was no elf characters I used a rabbit which I found to be more amusing. Overall theres a lot of tools on the website which I didn’t explore too much out of fear of accidentally deleting all of it, cause that has happened to me before. I think the website is really fun and it’s cool to see how you can change a scene based on your interpretations. Hope you guys like it!

Bitly is the new black.

Woah theres my blog all swished into an itty bitty link! Bitly’s are extremely popular on twitter pages and sometimes I feel almost scary. Because any website can be embedded into a Bitly link you never know what you’re really clicking on. If I see a bitly link and the overall page seems sketchy I normally won’t click on it since hovering over the link won’t tell you the true destination. I’ve always heard to avoid clicking on Bitly links but obviously many places use them because of its confined nature, especially on platforms where characters is an issues. I’ve also come to notice that Twitter will now shorten your links for you, which I think is overall to prevent spam links as well as conserve characters for the user. Overall I think bitly’s are such a fascinating creation with how their servers generate links that are specifically for whatever you put in. I think their overall a great concept for the average internet user. The only downside I have is with the same issues that we face, but I have no doubt it will be something that eventually will be addressed and fixed!

Creative Commons Content!

Looking through the possible options for linking content into this assignment I found to be quite entertaining! It was interesting to see these search tools and I’ve never actually realized that was an option prior to this. So hopefully I haven’t broken copyright before this! Obviously when looking through options to post to my blog I wanted to keep it related but in a beneficial way. This is why I ended up choosing a fall make-up tutorial. It’s perfectly relevant not only to my blog but to what our current season is.

Using the fair use check list I found that this video fell under a few that ultimately pushed me in favor of posting it. First of all under the purpose it’s used for teaching. I’m clearly relaying the information to help others learn tips for fall make up ideas. Secondly their is no market that it harms. If anything I am providing further promotion for the content creator as well as the brands mentioned. Overall it was also posted to medium for the public to use as a follow along routine. Therefore their is no reasons that fair use shouldn’t be able to be a viable excuse for sharing this video on the internet.

Memes on memes!

kermit kermit2

The Kermit meme!! Hands down this meme gets me every single time. I find it to be extremely relatable to my daily thoughts and after discovering I thought it was literally the greatest thing since sliced bread. Just kidding! But I think overall memes are not only really funny but extremely relatable. It’s something that people bond over. I can recall sending my friends memes or using meme generators to make my own and it creates a small community of understanding. Back I want to say in my freshmen or sophomore year their was a facebook page called Rutgers Memes where people would literally post tons of memes related to Rutgers. I love the concept because it brought together the community of the university on similar situations or struggles that we seemed to all go through. Obviously other people outside the university would not understand a lot of them and I loved that. It made me feel like I was apart of Rutgers, which can be difficult because of its giant nature.

Overall I think memes really help create a community. While these don’t necessarily complement my blog topic overall its something that is relatable and that in itself brings people together. I think people are just trying to find a niche where they belong and since my blog topic isn’t directed a wide dynamic of demographics it gives people something to relate to on a blog that is extremely narrowed in dynamic.

Social Media Marketing!

Now that I’ve finally got this blog thing down… I think… promoting would be the next step! I’ve found in my experience as a social media intern, that Twitter is a huge platform for promoting. It’s a lot easier to become connected with like individuals. This is obviously because of the hashtag. By creating a relevant hashtag and either linking my website or a certain post you can connect with a ton of people. So getting friends/family and viewers to help out will help spread the word. But in experience you have to promote yourself first before someone will promote you.

This will help my blog because it will spread the word. It will help it grow by getting a following and then using user input to better your content will then begin that cycle of growing. If we look to popular websites and social media accounts that are around now self promotion is a driving factor in their success. Then the ones they promote will get attention and it trickles down. Gaining the attention of others will bring in views and then the promoting will take on its own path. All in all promotion will help with content and while you better your own content the help of others helps grow your brand as well. So tweet my website and hashtag make up related things =D!

Contouring and Highlighting!

Finally a post on one of my favorite things! Contouring! So this is a awesome craft I’ve learned through my make-up journey and it really takes make-up to the next level. For those who do not know what contouring is, it’s a way to make your face look brighter in the places that the lights hits you and create shadows on other areas to give your face that flawless, photo ready look! So how did I learn you might ask? YouTube! I searched far and wide for the best tutorial and this what I’ve been using as my basis to the way I contour and highlight my face. At the end of this article I’ll post a picture of what a dramatic highlight and contour looks like on my skin.

This beauty guru who’s name is Nicole is hands down my favorite person to learn from and a lot of the products I use and the ideas I get are from her! So if you’re interested I’ll shamelessly promote her! But what I’ll recommend, is that I know its hard to follow a video especially when its your first time, so practice is key, as well as finding the right products for your face. I’ll admit I’m a lot paler than Nicole so the colors of the shades she uses is something I can never rely on, so its been a ride full of trials.

Though if you want to know as a point of reference,

In foundation colors I’m:

Fairly light in Bare Minerals

Classic Ivory in Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-In-1 Foundation – which is my holy grail of drugstore foundations, applied with a beauty blender and you’re set.

contouring 2 Contouring

These are also info graphs that are pretty close to the way that I highlight and contour my face! My pointers are use a highlighter that is 1 to 2 shades lighter than your skin. Since I’m pale theirs only like 1 shade lighter in the usual concealer I use, which is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in Fair. Since its lighter it brightens up a lot under your under eyes. For the bronzer I recommend using a matte color that is a neutral brown that will represent shadows that the sun would create for your skin color, again going about 2 shades darker than your skin tone. I recommend the Hoola Bronzer by Benefit.

Overall I know this got a bit lengthy but for those looking to learn I hope you got what you needed out of it!!

Also here is my shameless selfie from a few weeks ago showing what my full highlight and contour looks like!

The first one, is over dramatized for you guys to see where I sculpted, the second shows the contoured nose, and the third is a crappy iPhone picture of a another finished make-up look! Enjoy guys!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 5.46.38 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 7.12.32 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 10.36.48 PM